The Adventures of Billy Big Wheels...


General Theme
The general theme of the books are to educate children from the ages of 4-9 to learn about the way different trucks provide a service to the world, such as where and how milk gets from the farm to the fridge, to how a television, radio, iPod gets to the shops, then to the home, though, there will not be any mention of the meat processing or fishing industries.

There is also a twist of adventure, magic and mystery, think of a mix of, Herge`s Adventures of Tin-Tin, with a hint of Aladdin and the Lamp!!! The first book will introduce the characters, Lilly the Jack Russell dog, Martin her owner, and the discovery of Billy Big Wheels the truck. There will be lots of other adventures with Billy Big Wheels and his friends.

Billy is a 6 wheel flat bed or drop side truck, with a blue cab, red radiator, grill and bumper. He also has two huge, silver spotlights on the roof and a big silver bell on top of the cab, which Martin rings when Lilly goes missing. When Lilly hears the bell, she always comes dashing back to Martin and Billy.

Follow Billy Big Wheels on his next adventures with Martin and Lilly in...

Billy Big Wheels and the Combine Harvester
Billy Big Wheels Helps Santa Claus
Billy Big Wheels and the Bank Robbers
Billy Big Wheels and the Rock Star
Billy Big Wheels and the Biscuit Factory
Billy Big Wheels and the Hairy Bikers
Billy Big Wheels and the Rescue Helicopter
Billy Big Wheels and the Passenger Jet
Billy Big Wheels goes to Scotland
Billy Big Wheels goes to Wales
Billy Big Wheels goes to Ireland
Billy Big Wheels goes to Europe

By Simon Turner and Illustrated by Jon Owen
Copyright 2010-2012 All Rights Reserved

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